Not because you love running a biz.

Yet the day-to-day of actually operating a business has taken over, leaving little time to focus on your joy, your intuition, and your zone of genius -- while turning that profit.


You are a creative. And much like being a great business owner doesn’t always = being a stellar creative, being a stellar creative most certainly doesn’t always = being a great business owner.

For the first time in perhaps a long time, it’s time to ask yourself the questions you haven’t had the time to really dig into:

  • How am I going to make my business -- and life -- less stressful and more kickass?
  • How am I going to increase my profits, with ease?
  • How am I going create the name I deserve for myself while fully tapping into my intuition and owning who I am?


(The questions you’ve likely been asking yourself: Why am I not making more money? How does she do it all? When’s the last time I showered? And let me stop you right there -- because questions like those? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Especially you, boss lady.)

You don’t have to have all of the answers. That’s where I come in. I’m an intuitive business coach who guides you towards your own intuition so you can begin to take inspired action towards those desires and dreams that seem to have been lost along the way.

Simply put: I focus on my zone of genius so you can focus on yours. Sound like magic? It is.

My approach is simple: Intuitive guidance + practical strategy. (Fact: You can’t have one without the other.) The result? Maximized results doing the work you love, while streamlining the rest.

If that doesn’t get you jazzed, you might not be in the right place. If it does, well: hello, new friend. We’re gonna go together like tacos + Tuesdays.

Fellow Boss Lady:

Let’s get clear on where your biz is headed + what you need to make the road there way more enjoyable.

Here’s how I partner with creative pros like you to do just that:


1-to-1 VIP Services

My brain. Your business. Magic.

Hot Mess to Major Success


A few reasons you might’ve started your biz: Freedom. Unlimited earning potential. Autonomy to do only what you love.

A few realities about how you might be feeling now: Stressed. Overwhelmed. Wondering how any one person is supposed to do it all.

You are so not alone, babe. Where you’re at right now? It doesn’t call for another course; another webinar; another mastermind. It calls for a strategic guide who’s going to tap  specifically into the struggles you’re facing in your business and equip you with solutions that relight your fire spark real transformation.

  • First page rankings on Google? Check.
  • Months-long client waiting lists? Check.
  • Automated systems that make business feel like a joy ride? Check.

I’ll help you work smarter, not harder, and ditch the overwhelm to get back to absolutely loving what you do, while working from your place of truth. (This is my signature service for a reason.)


Working with Lauren has literally been the best experience! She gives so much insight and advice and tells it how it is, and how to better your business. Since I took the opportunity to do the VIP overhaul sessions, my business has grown by leaps and bounds! I would one million percent recommend her!
— Brianne H.


1-to-Many VIP Services

Speaking + Workshops

Educational. Engaging. Fun.

plantArtboard 2@2x.png

Want to rent my brain for your audience? I’m all in.


Whether I’m speaking at your next event or hosting a workshop for your tribe, I bring my all to the table on topics like leveraging intuition in business, SEO survival, client onboarding, playing the comparison game, and, of course, running a stress-free professional wedding business.


I’ll equip your audience of creatives with practical takeaways that will help them stop spinning their wheels, restore order to their business, and reignite their passion for their craft...all while finding themselves, in the process.


(And you better bet there’ll be a Golden Girls reference -- or two -- in there.)



Not sure where to start? No worries...

What can we do with a little coffee?

Gain a boatload of clarity.

Grab a free coffee + clarity chat: A no-pressure, biz-owner to biz-owner chat fueled by caffeine where I’ll learn more about where you’re at and help point you in the right direction.

(And if you want to know more about my services? I’ll be happy to share you. But like I said: No pressure.)

I absolutely loved my coffee chat with Lauren! She helped me see the potential for my business and provided me with tips to improve in areas. No sales pitch, no pressure. Just awesome, fun, and educational!
— Kathleen T.