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I HELP WEDDING INDUSTRY proS streamline and strategize the behind-the-scenes of their businesses


I’m a wedding creative that just so happens to have ADHD but am totally in love with being organized. I know, I know -- I'm a walking contradiction. The pro to having a hidden energy reserve is that my mind is ALWAYS bouncing around with new business ideas like ping pong balls during an Olympic tournament. The con to being a little more on the colorful side of creativity is that I may go off on a tangent or two, especially when I see something sparkly. Preferably in gold. See? 

As I am sure you can only imagine, I am not the type to tiptoe through the tulips. I would much rather bulldoze through the bullshit.

This means all of that work stuff like flagging emails that you'll respond back to in oh, let's say, Never-uary, pretending to sound like a lawyer when drafting up contracts, and not receiving payment until 6 weeks after you finished a project doesn't fly with me. I am here to help you put your big girl (or boy) panties on and will hold your hand as we plow through your behind-the-scenes business problems. Having a successful business doesn't mean you need to be struggling like a hamster in a wheel to get there. You just need a little bit of Lauren in your life.

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Personalized systems and strategies to help you launch and grow a successful wedding business



SEO is the one thing you can't afford to neglect in your business and yet it gets ignored. Why? Because business owners don't have the time or even WANT to optimize their sites. It's time to get really real for a hot second--a "pretty" website doesn't matter if people can't find you. 

1-on-1 Business Strategy

We will talk navigate through the struggles you are facing in YOUR business. Whether it is getting found online, how you run your business, or simply that you want to be making more money and spending less time working - by the end of our time together you will be equipped with solutions for your business.


Invite me to your next event to speak to your audience! If you’re in search of a speaker who can engage your audience, remain empathetic, and show them what an immersive experience feels like, I'd love to join your speaking line up!


Helpful, actionable products to help you manage, maintain, and grow a successful business

Business Library

An online collection of workbooks, templates, and files to help organize and customize the behind-the-scenes of your business


Online video lessons geared toward teaching wedding creatives the fundamentals of growing a sustainable, profitable business


Tune in on Tuesdays at 10am EST with your coffee as we talk about everything from business to intuition and everything in between 

FREE Resources

Grab the FREE list of my all-time favorite tools and resources I use on the daily to automate and streamline my own wedding business

Your work is gorgeous + clients adore you!

But the behind-the-scenes mayhem to make it all happen getting old – fast.

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In this 30-minute FREE powerful pow-wow, we'll dive headfirst into the areas you are struggling most in your business. If the time allows, I'll provide systems advice tailored to your specific business needs and you'll walk away not only with a fresh perspective but with actionable steps you can immediately implement into your business. In case you have short-term memory loss like me and my favorite little fish, Dory, I've gotcha covered because I provide the recording of our time together so you can look back and be reminded of my recommendations. 


Now for the most important question, dark or medium roast? 

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