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4 Lies That Are Holding You Back

Talk It Out Tuesday: Coffee Chat

4 Lies That Are Holding You Back in Life and Business


Grab your dark roast + join us as we shed light on some of the most common reoccurring doubts business owners tell themselves and how to finally dropkick that negative self-talk right in the face once and for all.

How many times have you thought to yourself, "Nobody would pay that much…” or “There are already a million other planners/photographers/florists/caterers/fill in the blank out there.”

The list of common doubts that we allow to permeate our stories are endless. Tomorrow, I'm going to chat about 4 of the most common lies we tell ourselves as business owners. These lies are ones that even my own clients before working with me have lead themselves to believe.

I will be talking you through the many shifts I've made over the past 2 years that have made the biggest impacts in my life and business. 

Episode 23 Coffee Chat Replay

Episode 23 Podcast

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The Most Common Lies We Tell Ourselves in Business

Lauren Dragon-Cook:


I’m Lauren, your wedding business visionary! I educate wedding pros on the behind the scenes of their businesses through practical knowledge and intuitive strategy. I incorporate my intuitive gifts with solid business strategy to maximize my clients' progress and success.

Lauren Dragon-Cook

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