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The systems slayer, wonderwoman of workflows, + wedding creative behind Wedding Boss Life. 

Okay, so here's the deal...

I'm not just another person who happens to call themselves a "coach" or "consultant." In fact, I didn't listen to people for at least 28 years that I was really friggen good at teaching them the business BS of their business. I've lived and breathed the wedding industry since 2012 when I began as the studio manager for a Boston wedding photographer and eventually transitioned into launching LDC & Co., a New England based wedding planning company. From the beginning, my real job titles should have been: 

  • SEO Expert

  • Marketing Manager

  • Social Media Mastermind

  • Automation Aficionado

  • Newsletter Guru

  • Content Creator

  • Excel Activist

  • Website Designer

  • Wedding Planner

  • Systems Girl

  • Blogging Powerhouse

  • Accountant

  • PR Pro

  • IT Support

...because those are the roles that I assumed. I had to learn everything on my own and more often than not, the hard way. Where the actual EFF does one even begin with trying to learn about SEO? Am I right?! 

I help creatives transform their passion into a thriving business.


The Wedding Boss Life blog is a gold mine filled with step-by-step tutorials and how-to posts. I share 2-3 new posts a month, all geared toward helping you streamline, automate, and grow your business. Check it out...


Resource Library

Wouldn't it be great to score instant access to cheatsheets, templates, and even a printable planner for your business? I thought so, too, so I created it. Learn more...



Educating creatives is one of my favorite aspects of this business. While I love writing and anything techy, courses allow me to go in-depth on topics like workflows, game changing tools, and the importance of SEO. Take a look...



Hiring a mentor was one of the best moves I've made for my business. Having an successful entrepreneur give actionable insight is crucial for growth. Take a look...


Once a week (okay, let's be honest, when I can) I send out an email with an actionable tip, insight, or strategy specifically for wedding creatives. Think of it as exclusive WBL free coaching in your inbox each week. Subscribe...


Live Bits of Wisdom

As a creative entrepreneur, you can't go it alone. These in-person events cover pertinent topics within the industry and are chock-full of actionable tips for your business. Join in...